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Break free from the loop of painful patterns that keep you stuck

**Naps /Naps Mycology / Try Naps is now “Transformd”. Same great services, the same great team, a new name and a new look.

What is Transformd?

At Transformd, home of the Answer Model©, we offer a safe and effective recovery method for mental wellness/addiction issues to re-pattern your brain and open yourself to lasting transformation.

Transform Your Life with Our Proven Approach to Addiction Recovery

Who: We are a dedicated team of addiction recovery experts, leveraging neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, and our proven therapeutic model to guide you to lasting freedom.

What: Offering personalized, science-based live-in treatment, practitioner training, plant medicine education, speaking engagements, and individual counseling.

When: Available now to help you and your loved ones achieve lasting transformation.

Where: Located in beautiful West Vancouver, providing a serene and supportive environment for your recovery journey.

Introducing The Answer Model

The Answer Model, a neuro-alignment paradigm shift in mental health, was created and developed by Todd Ritchey & Dr. John Montgomery.

The Answer Model – is based on cutting-edge research in neuroscience, psychology, and anthropology. 

As humans, we develop unconscious biochemical addictions to our own pain and emotional distress.

The Answer Model creates a clear pathway out of dysfunction.

Our Services


Discover custom-designed, live-in recovery programs for addiction and pathology, ranging from 1 to 8 weeks. Experience transformation in as little as one week with our expert care.

One on One

Work with Todd, Luna, Ali, or an Answer Model coach for real, actionable results. Break free from dysfunction or stagnation with our personalized, one-on-one coaching.

Group Experiences

Join our group experiences for day-long journeys, topic-specific talks, and educational offerings. Engage, learn, and grow together in a supportive setting.

Become a Transformation Specialist

What is a transformation specialist?

Neuroscience & Plant Medicine United.

The Transformd training will teach you the tools and methods you need to understand the psychedelic experience within the context of brain science and help people initiate potent and lasting healing with the use of plant medicine.

Understanding and applying the Transformd model can help anyone who feels stuck to break free from dysfunctional patterns.

Learn how to facilitate this powerful model and hold a safe, effective, and transformative space for growth and healing.

In our workshops, you’ll enjoy:

End Professional Stagnation

Unlock transformative insights

Decode client dysfunction

Master human complexities

Catalyze significant life changes

Answer Model workbook

Training Modules

Plant Medicine Facilitator Training with the Answer Model©

Join us for an engaging, four-day workshop spread over two weekends, designed to offer both flexibility and depth. Whether you choose one weekend or join us for both, you’re in for an enriching experience.

The first weekend dives into the fascinating world of the Answer Model and human behavior. Discover practical tools and gain deep insights that will change the way you understand people.

The second weekend shifts focus to the art of navigating plant medicine. Learn how the Answer Model Process applies in this realm and explore practical applications to enhance client experiences.

First Weekend - July 20/21

Understanding Human Behaviour

Learn the tools to understand & integrate client’s experiences

Science-backed techniques for life-changing results

Proven model taught for 20 years, guided 500+ clients

Second Weekend - Sept 14/15

Mystical Realms & Plant Medicine

Learn to guide clients on transformative journeys with plant medicine

Know how to translate psychedelic experiences for positive outcomes

Practical step-by-step guidance for facilitation

Learn To Help Yourself and Others Experience Transformational Healing

Weekend 1

$2700 -In person or via Zoom

Weekend 2

$2700 -In person or via Zoom

Both Weekends + Certification

$5000 -In person or via Zoom + Certification

Ready to take the leap?

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I have two psychology degrees and I learnt more practical and applicable tools to truly help people in just one day of this training!

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Vancouver BC

Meet The Team

Meet Todd Ritchey

Todd Ritchey is an expert in the field of Addiction Treatment.

Over the past twenty years, his neuroscience-based model has helped thousands of people get free from dysfunctional patterns and go on to live healthy, happy lives. He is driven by a passion to alleviate needless human suffering.

Todd has worked on the front lines of mental health and client-centered care. He is a compelling speaker and educator, the co-author of two books, a loving husband of 36 years, and a proud father of three.

Our Unique Approach:

Based on our extensive research and years of practical work with clients, we’ve uncovered a profound truth: humans can develop an addiction to certain pain feelings experienced early in life. These feelings, often linked to survival threats, trigger our body’s natural defense mechanisms, including the release of endogenous painkillers like beta endorphins.

Here’s the intriguing part: as part of our survival instinct, we unconsciously cling to these pain feelings. Why? Because at a primal level, they’re associated with life-saving actions or decisions. This deep-rooted attachment leads us to subconsciously seek similar experiences throughout our lives, continually triggering the release of endorphins.

Consider this scenario: a child experiences guilt and shame, feelings that might have prevented them from actions that could threaten their sense of belonging. While these feelings helped maintain crucial familial bonds – equating to survival in the brain – the child becomes unconsciously attached to these emotions. As adults, they might unknowingly seek situations that evoke guilt and shame, perpetuating a cycle fueled by the rush of endorphins.

Our model goes beyond recognizing this pattern. It provides a roadmap to break free from this cycle, enabling a life filled with genuine joy, pleasure, and healthy relationships.

At Transformd, we’re deeply committed to guiding you through the transformative power of the Answer Model. It’s a journey about learning, a process of rewiring your brain towards a life that’s not just fulfilling, but rich with purpose.

We show you how to navigate this exciting path to freedom. With the Answer Model you will unravel and reshape deep-seated patterns into experiences that enhance and enrich your life.

Discover the model that lets you transform.


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