what happens in a naps day session

What happens in a day long ceremony?

Step by step.

Our trusted guides and facilitators will safely guide you through every step of your day long experience.


Your day long session begins at 10am at the disclosed location. Upon arrival a guide will greet you and orient you to the space, answering any questions you might have and discussing any needs you may have to set you up for a successful experience.

As you arrive, you will have the opportunity to meet your fellow participants for the day, get comfortable, and settle in.


Now it’s time to prepare for your journey. We will guide you in learning about our brain based healing model and how you will be applying it during your psychedelic experience. This section is informative, connected, and fun. You will have the opportunity to discover your intention for the day and to engage in some learning exercises that will support your experience. This section takes about 2 hours.

This preparation time really sets our journeys apart, and offers you the grounded tools that make all the difference in navigating whatever experience might come your way in the medicine journey.

Journey within.

Now it is time to connect with the medicine.

We serve a a herbal tea to accompany your mushrooms. The journey itself generally lasts about six to eight hours.

Anchoring your experience.

Once everyone has returned from their experience of going within we will have a discussion and closing circle. This is the time to anchor what you experienced. A light meal and refreshments will be served, and everyone will have the opportunity to share and begin to integrate their experience.

During this closing time, we will learn about the aftercare protocols. These key protocols support us in learning how to integrate the experience in the coming weeks and months.

Individual follow up sessions are available to anyone who needs them and there is a sign up sheet for a complimentary call with a facilitator in the week following your journey.

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“I thoroughly enjoyed my recent journey with Naps Mycology. The guided trip helped me and showed me how to break the cycle of dysfunctional behaviour. I am now more focused, have much more clarity and have set goals to work towards to continue my path of truth and healing.”

— Silvia