meet the plants

Why plant medicine.

Reboot your brain by creating new healthier neural pathways

For many, the healing or transformation can take place at the first ceremony.

Psychedelics and the use of plant medicines have been used by people for millennia.

A tiny plant with a big effect.

Creating neurogenesis, as a result of a ceremony, may stimulate mini or macro reboot experiences.

We have created a proprietary process to prepare the brain to respond in a healing way to the plant medicine.

Psychedelic drugs alter consciousness in a profound and novel way that increases the breadth and fluency of cognition. Until recently, scientists were unable to offer an explanation for how the brain was altered to account for these effects. In a new study published in Human Brain Mapping, researchers scanned the brains of volunteers who had been injected with psilocybin and a control group who had not. The researchers discovered two key things: (1) Psilocybin increased the amplitude (or volume) of activity in the primitive region of the brain which is reliably activated during REM sleep or when dreaming and (2) Plant medicine facilitates a state of expanded consciousness – meaning participants had more uncoordinated activity and disjointed thinking in the areas of the brain that cause self-consciousness, ego, and emotion.

This finding…

“I believe, in time, the naps neuro alignment system will change the landscape of treating addictions.”

— Linda O.