Break free from the loop of painful patterns that keep you stuck

get aligned.

a fresh perspective.
a new kind of healing.


  • Have you been living in survival mode?

    flip the switch on negative patterns – take the neuro alignment course and make the positive change you’ve been longing for.

  • Is your identity of yourself keeping you stuck?

    boss, parent, mountain climber, stock trader, struggling artist?

    learn how the identities we hold can be our biggest addictions and how to unlock the authentic power of who you really are.

  • are you hurting yourself or the one you love and don’t know how to stop?

    let the naps model show you how to have consistent and meaningful connection with the ones you love.

  • Are you being motivated by your pain or your pleasure?

    What do you believe about yourself that is keeping you stuck. We get addicted to the unconscious pursuit of our pain!

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learn the try naps method to break limiting patterns and begin healing now

virtual course

  • Seven Modules

  • Learn at Your Own Pace

  • Over 100 videos of Learning

  • Bonus Videos Recorded Live with Todd, offering insights and guidance into your course journey


“The NAPS model is utterly compelling in that it combines hardcore scientific research with a treatment model that does not refute, but supersedes all models in current practice. What Todd and John have uncovered is groundbreaking at all levels”

~ Linda A. Davidson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Philadelphia PA

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  • discover

    your unique addictions, what are they, and how they hold you back.

  • break the loop

    unmask addiction and re-connect with your true nature

  • overcome

    unlock the code to your happiness

“working with, and learning the premises of the naps model impacted my life more than I ever could have imagined. I was on the losing side of a war within myself, but through this process I learned a completely new perspective on my life, one that i will never take for granted. now i am more equipped than ever to live a balanced and impactful life.”

— Hannah


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