Module 3

welcome to module 3.

video [one]


only 2 driving forces in nature.

video [two]


4 things we must agree upon.

video [three]


resistance equals pain.

video [four]


pain is a part of life.

video [five]


suffering is unnecessary pain.

video [six]


who told you life was “fair”.

video [seven]


key idea.

video [eight]


rule of opposites.

video [nine]


discover your addiction persona.

video [ten]


stages of homeostasis.

video [eleven]


whispers of God’s love.

video [twelve]


choose love,
choose homeostasis.

video [thirteen]


piece of advice.

video [fourteen]



video [fifteen]


pendulum of addiction.

video [sixteen]


how are you feeling?


  • take a moment to tune into your emotions.
    were there specific feelings that came to the surface
    during today’s course work?

  • observe yourself—

    in what areas of your life have you already applied the ‘rule of opposites’ and in what areas do you feel you need to apply this?

  • after today’s course work,
    what is your understanding of love?