Module 5

to module 5.

video [one]


3 concepts we must agree upon.

video [two]


law of attraction.

video [three]


best predictor to happiness.

video [four]


key idea.

video [five]


science behind cortisol.

video [six]


cortisol in utero.

video [seven]


cortisol and SES.

video [eight]


cortisol and isolation.

video [nine]


the stress brain loop.

video [ten]


our natural circadian rhythm.

video [eleven]


cortisol and addiction.

video [twelve]


cortisol and
mental illness.

video [thirteen]


high cortisol and disease.

video [fourteen]


cortisol and your body.

video [fifteen]



video [sixteen]


step 1. The gift of 5 senses.

video [seventeen]


step 2. The things that you do everyday

video [eighteen]


piece of advice. No fault or blame.

video [nineteen]


optimal environments.

video [twenty]


how are you feeling?


  • take the time to sit down and breathe after today’s work. as you inhale deeply, and exhale slowly— gently disengage your mind from distracting thoughts and sensations.

    how are you feeling today?

  • after understanding cortisol and its effect on our lives, begin to observe what areas and actions in your life lead to an increase of cortisol.

    what actions and activities can you engage to lower your cortisol?

  • how have you engaged your authentic self while cortisol is present in the moment?