Module 6

to module 6.

video [one]


3 concepts we must agree upon.

video [two]


Concept 2:
that created you.

video [three]


Concept 3:
you don’t know what you don’t know.

video [four]


key idea:
profound healing.

video [five]


determine the WHY.

video [six]


determining participants.

video [seven]


be aware of personality types.

video [eight]


determine resources.

video [nine]


resolve relationship conflicts.

video [ten]


prepping the environment.

video [eleven]


how to create.

video [twelve]


implementing the process.

video [thirteen]


group exercise 1:
I am / true self

video [fourteen]


taking breaks.

video [fifteen]


understanding “understanding”.

video [sixteen]


group exercise 2:
letter writing.

video [seventeen]


letter writing: stages 1 – 7

video [eighteen]


letter reading.

video [nineteen]


key idea: authentic attachment.

video [twenty]


5 step after care protocol.

video [twenty-one]


never take your love away.

video [twenty-one]


and vows.

video [twenty-two]


how are you feeling?


  • understanding yourself is the key to understanding others. what emotions were present for you during today’s course work?

  • intervention practices can help a loved one overcome a persistent struggle. tracking progression can encourage healing and consistency.

    in what ways can you encourage progression and growth in your loved ones?

  • what parts of your life have you shaped by actively choosing change?