Module 7

to module 7.

video [one]


3 concepts we must agree upon.

video [two]


Concept 2

video [three]


Concept 3

video [four]


key idea:

video [five]


best strategies.

video [six]


strategy 1:
reverse trauma healing.

video [seven]


strategy 2:

plant medicine.

video [eight]


strategy 3:

rites of passage.

video [nine]


strategy 4:


video [ten]


strategy 5:
support CHallenge.

video [eleven]


strategy 6:
native sweat lodge ceremonies.

video [twelve]


strategy 7:

video [thirteen]


strategy 8:
take a breath.

video [fourteen]


the grass is BLUe, the sky is green.

video [fifteen]


past trauma.

video [sixteen]



video [seventeen]


control your subconscious

video [eighteen]


exercise 1:
nihilism + the butterfly effect.

video [nineteen] NEED VIDEO SRC


how are you feeling?


  • let’s take a moment to mindfully breathe.
    deep inhale in, hold for four, exhale out, pause for four.
    what are you feeling right now?

  • observe yourself—

    where have you taken accountability in your life?
    notice a shift in your energy honoring this.

  • after today’s course work,
    what areas of your life have you accessed the authentic self?