naps training

Naps Facilitator Training.

Make a difference in your own or someone else’s life.

Do Work That You Love.

Learn to help others experience lasting growth and healing with our brain based model in the six month certificate training program.

Neuroscience & Plant Medicine Unite.

Naps training and format are based on the Neuro Alignment Model, a model that has been successfully in use for the treatment of addiction and any painful patterns for the past two decades.

Invest In Yourself.

Many people choose to do this training for their own growth and development. Once you have completed the six month certificate program you may wish to go on to work with others in a way that supports their journey and healing path by teaching the naps model and helping others have safe and positive experiences with plant medicine.

“I have two psychology degrees and I learnt more practical and applicable tools to truly help people in just one day of this training.”

Julia — Recent Facilitator Training Participant